About Nuno

Years ago, I was another migrant in a foreign country doing all the jobs that locals didn’t want to do. I was very grateful: I HAD A JOB in a very difficult financial crisis.

I was forcing myself to be the same as everyone else.

I told myself that I would work hard, save some money and ultimately return to my country.

I was looking for the dignity and provide my family in Portugal with acceptable levels of living.

It was like wearing the most uncomfortable outfit I owned every day, and left me feeling miserable.

Are you tired of trying to conform? Doing all the “right” things, and feeling the life being sucked out of you?

Then in 2008 I decided to start a new career and pay back the benefits I felt by “having a job” and embraced the care industry as a support worker. I was trying not to approach work as a job, for I didn’t focus primarily on the financial rewards. I approached the new situation as a career, not surprisingly I stayed there for 6 years and became a senior in the company. Was for me a life change.

I discovered the hidden addiction I didn’t know I had: passion to helping people, improve their lives, support them, care for them and empower them to make the changes they need.

But I wanted more! In 2011 I qualified as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist after 4 long years of study and fitting that with a 70+ hours weekly work a s a support worker. I must admit, I was proud of myself!

By the same time I started my career online. I became an entrepreneur and started that business so that I could be successful on my terms and build the life of my dreams.

A few years later, instead, that was draining the life out of me.

I was there. Everything changed when I decided to stop and instead just BE ME.

First step was to get clear on who I am again. Everyone says to be authentic, but what if you’re not even sure what that means anymore? My counselling course helped me a lot.

Initially I thought; – OK, I’m going to study counselling because I want to help others. BIG, BIG mistake that was. The very first person to be helped was ME, yes ME!

I found my passions, I found who I am, I found what I want and came to the straightforward conclusion that without that I was not able to help anyone else.

So here’s my commitment: I help you find who you are now. To get to the core of who you are, the passion that drives you. To get clarity on what you want to share with the world. To define what success in your life looks like for you – and to see what it will take for you to reach your goals.

You need to find your voice again. Your confidence.

Once I uncovered my core, found clarity, and was confident I took my years of experience and started to share my message with my clients and now with the world. No longer talking only about the products of my work, but instead focusing on my experiences. My stories. My life.

I just found out that I cannot be everything to everyone. I MUST be everything to ME. and then…comes my power: helping you grow your Confidence. My mission: helping you embrace your story, your strengths, what makes you unique. Flaws, imperfections, all of it.

There is power in sharing your story. It is how we all connect with one another. It will bring you your success.

Are you ready to Brand YOU with Confidence?

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